The MEDISCA Group of Companies is the principal sponsor of the Student Pharmacist Compounding Competition, provider for fine chemicals, electromechanical equipment, reusable and disposable devices, and is responsible for the production of documentation required to perform all local college and national compounding competitions.

A Leader In Pharmacy Compounding

MEDISCA is a FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registered supplier of fine chemicals, which include: Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs); Excipients in the form of bases, oils, colors, and flavors; Reusable and disposable devices for compounding pharmacists across the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

MEDISCA is committed to bringing to the pharmacy community the highest quality fine chemicals, compounding supplies, compounding solutions, and training.

Our commitment: Your sales advantage

MEDISCA recognizes the responsibilities of the compounding pharmacist to the medical and patient community. We are committed to ensuring we do our part in maintaining the security and integrity of our customers by fulfilling our promise of quality, affordable pricing, and unparalleled products and support.

Our people: Your service advantage

MEDISCA is built on the foundation of the quality of service we provide to our customers. Compounding pharmacists across North America and abroad consistently complement our product quality and exceptional customer support service. Experienced purchasers and sales representatives are committed to offering reliable and dependable services, and are the cornerstones to our successes.

Our commitment: Your quality advantage

MEDISCA and its Quality Assurance Department is dedicated to the implementation of, and adherence to, current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and regularly performs in-house quality assurance-related analytical and independent laboratory testing in accordance with USP/NF, BP and EP regulatory guidelines.

Our website: Your technological advantage

MEDISCA brings significant advancements to the way we conduct business. We host a secure and powerful website; your 24/7 on-line portal to innovative purchasing capabilities, information, resources, and practice tools. Our Website includes equipment and device specifications, Certificates of Analysis (C of A), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and formulations. You can place orders on-line, and then monitor the progress of those orders. We make transactions and account information monitoring an interactive and time saving experience; you see what we see through our shared portal.

Our commitment: Your innovation advantage

MEDISCA Research and Development focuses primarily on the discovery, development and delivery of new innovative pharmaceutical solutions to the compounding industry; products ranging from bases to devices and equipment. By continuously conducting tests and studies across multiple modalities – including accelerated stability, USP Microbial Challenge, Physical & Chemical Stability, Skin Penetration and Skin Hydration – the Medisca R&D team is dedicated to providing pharmacists and physicians with desirable base vehicles and devices. It is not always obvious to anticipate and prepare for future changes in pharmaceutical compounding, however R&D embraces new trends and takes great pride in creating & conforming to new quality standards all of which have one end-result: aiding in overall patient adherence to the prescribed treatment.

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